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Mentorship Program


"It was an inspiring experience to be able to act as a mentor for the FDCC program and to connect and empower a younger person ( in my case a young ambitious and talented woman) with my own knowledge of the Dutch way of working and starting up your own business. I enjoyed the process of learning from other mentors and mentees and recommend
this to all Dutch Finnish oriented business people. If you are successful in your line of business share your inspiration and skills by helping another person!"

-Susanna Nevalainen, previous mentor

"It was very useful to have a sparring partner who has more work experience than I with whom to talk about personal and professional development. Mentoring has taught me to relativize and think out of the box, which has proven to be very valuable. It landed me a temporary job and work experience through which I have grown as a person. This will also help me during my last semester of my studies and when starting to look for a more permanent job.

-Anne Bergshoeff, previous mentee


Mentoring Program for FDCC Members
Are you a Young Professional looking for a sparring mate for your professional growth ? Or are you a mature professional feeling like sharing your skills and experience that you have gathered in the past years? Do you look for a fresh viewpoint and new insights for your career development? If you answered “yes”, the FDCC mentoring program can be a good next step for you!

What is The FDCC Mentoring Program?
The Finnish Dutch Chamber of Commerce has a large group of members - professionals of many trades. Many of our professionals are experienced and networked members in their business community mastering skills on a high level. We also have a rapidly growing number of young professionals. Young Professionals, who just have started or are about to start their professional career and build up their professional network. These young people are often very skilled, but still feel like needing an extra support for optimal career development, or someone to test their ideas.
Matching the “Masters with the Apprentices” can be profitable on both sides. Changing ideas with someone outside of your own network and your age group can generate fruitful discussions and open totally new insights for both parties.

The mentoring program of 2018 will start in January and now we are looking for both mentors and mentees. See below for more detailed information on how to sign up!

How does it work?
Mentoring is an interaction process with a specified target. The relationship should be confidential, open and both parties should be equally committed. Mentoring can include activities like coaching, networking or counseling, for example. Meetings with the mentor and the mentee form the core of the process, but also visiting (FDCC) networking sessions or company visits together, can be a useful activity. The mentor and mentee can agree together on the length of the planned mentoring process and the meeting frequency. Setting common targets and agreeing on the way of communication in the beginning helps a lot in keeping the process structured. We are also organizing joint meetings for Young Professionals and mentors to support the mentoring process, give tips and hints and to listen to feedback to improve our program.

Mentor’s role:
A mentor cannot, and does not need to, have an answer for everything. Essential for the mentor is to be able to concentrate on listening and asking the right questions, instead of giving advice or the right answers. Genuine interest and natural curiosity towards the subject and the person helps. Mentoring can open you up to new views on your own skills and talents, and it also can help you to practice your social and leadership skills.
The benefits for mentors are:
    •    Develop leadership and coaching skills;?
    •    Utilize     own competencies & experience;?
    •    Enhance network outside own immediate organization;?
    •    Challenge and learn new ways of thinking. ?

Mentee’s role:
A mentee has the responsibility for their success, as s/he needs to be proactive in setting the targets for the relationship. It is important for a mentee to be well prepared for the meetings and set clear goals for the program. The mentee should think about questions, career development issues or discussion topics before meeting with their mentor.
The benefits for mentees are:
    •    Set goals for your (future) career;?
    •    Develop your own competencies with the help of an experienced professional;?
    •    Get assistance in reaching those goals in a systematic manner;?
    •    Be challenged with regards to your ways of thinking.?

Apply to the program today, but latest before the 5th of November! We will inform the chosen participants before the end of November and the program will start in the beginning of January with one-on-one meeting with the mentor/mentee pairs. In February we will have the first get-together will all the participants.

Links for participation forms:
If you wish to become a mentee, sign up here
If you wish to become a mentor, sign up here

If you wish to hear more about the program or if you have any questions, please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..